Custom Software

As its name implies, Custom Software is about developing a stand-alone or suite of applications or modules that represent certain aspects or your entire business processes. The advantage of custom software over an off-the-shelf system is that the software is developed exactly matching the business and its associated hardware. There's no need for workarounds and there's only major goal with custom software: make your business more productive.

We have developed an application for just about every business type imaginable. The sensible approach to custom software is to start small, implement one or two small changes and then continue to build on these changes, all the while watching the business become more profitable from each implementation. Every client, and we really do mean every client has reported a gain in productivity through implementing custom development. You don't take your car to be serviced to become less economical. You service it to keep it running and running efficiently. That is the underlying principle of custom software development.

And in case you're wondering, yes Systems Integration is a form of Custom Software. The difference is that Systems Integration is about binding 2 of more systems that are usually in place. Custom Software is about developing a system for a specific need that is usually not available off-the-shelf, or the off-the-shelf product is not a perfect fit for the business. Both are aimed at increasing productivity.

Clients proudly associated with us

  • Tradezquote approached JDM Software in 2016 to develop an online tool to help tradies with all of their job costing, invoicing, communication and management needs in one simple system. JDM worked closely with the directors of Tradezquote to build and release the complete online and mobile friendly solution.

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